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our story

NY Goat Yoga began as a happy coincidence. Sharon and Aldo, the owners of Gilbertsville Farmhouse (our home) were gifted two adorable baby Nigerian Dwarf goats for Easter of 2017. Those bouncing babies inspired goat yoga when they hopped all over the house, the tables, the furniture and anything else they could reach. Their snuggles and adorable kisses made the family adopt three more goat babies. Soon enough, NY Goat Yoga at Gilbertsville Farmhouse was born on the farm. NY Goat Yoga’s 2017 inaugural season was a blast and the goats took the city and state by storm. Some of our favorite yogis include Tyra Banks, Action Bronson and Dr. Oz. We haven’t looked back since and we continue to spread baby goat joy!

join us for another amazing season: 2019 SCHEDULE HERE



what exactly is goat yoga?

Class Details

  • Forty-five minute class, followed by fifteen minutes of selfies and posed photos.

  • 50 spots per class.

  • Classes are held outdoors weather permitting.

  • Classes are moved indoors in case of rain or extreme heat.

  • Please bring your own mat or towel and water to drink.

  • No refunds or make-up classes unless class is cancelled by us.

  • We have indoor restrooms.

  • Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Please make sure your entire back is covered.

  • The yoga will be designed for beginners and experienced yogis. Feel free to rest if you need to.

  • Feel free to take Goat Selfies.

  • Children 12+ are welcome, and should be able to make it through an hour long yoga class.

  • Only those people participating in the class and who have paid for a spot can attend a class.