Overnight Retreats

Two(2) nights/Two(2) + days: TUESDAY 4PM - THURSDAY 11AM 


You: Guys, what’s an overnight retreat?

Us: Omg only the most fun, most relaxing, social, furry vacation.

You: Tell me more!

Us: Our retreats are on specific tuesdays through thursdays throughout the season. Some are themed while others are our standard goat-yoga retreats. They vary in price in relation to several different activities throughout each retreat. But They all include ACCOMMODATIONS for two, all meals, water, and snacks, all classes and activities.

You: Well, How much goat action are we talking?

Us: How about 24/7? Our goat barn is always accessible to our retreaters throughout the duration of the stay. We also have an alpaca named Al Pacino, A burro named Chico, and a bunch of friendly kittens that are always up for adoption. If that’s not enough, come to our ‘Baby Goat and Me’ Goat Yoga retreat and adopt a baby goat for the entire retreat. have a newborn micro session and cuddle your kid for eternity.

You: Where do we sleep?

Us: omg that’s the best part. You will be sleeping in our gorgeous glamping tents up in the woods. It’s a village of ten tents all uniquely decorated in different styles and fitted with a king-sized bed, nightstands, fans, and a sweetheart table. There’s wifi and a bathhouse to hangout in and get squeaky clean. by the way, The showers are insane.

You: Wow that sounds, fantastic! How much is it?

Us: Our retreats vary from $800-995, depending on which one. You can check out all dates and retreats on our events page.

You: Where do I purchase tickets?

Us: You can click on any event listing and find the link to tickets at the bottom of the page.

You: What else do I need to know?

Us: We're just here to have a good time. We’re here to give you a good time. Our house is your house. We want you to kick back, relax, and enjoy your time with us. We sit down for meals with you, and share stories. It’s our favorite thing. Trust us.

What an amazing escape, Thank you for a wonderful opportunity to return to my roots and just be present and happy in the moment!
— Hilary R.