Baby-Goat and Me Overnight Glamping Retreat (All-inclusive for two):


Two(2) nights/Two(2) + days: TUESDAY 4PM - THURSDAY 11AM 

$500.00 PER PERSON (Must purchase for two people - $995.00 per couple) includes lodging, all meals, all classes and activities! ADOPT A NEWBORN GOAT FOR THE ENTIRE RETREAT. THIS IS LITERALLY THE ONLY PLACE IN THE WORLD TO DO THIS. WE CHECKED. YOU'RE WELCOME.


* Two (2) guests in one (1) glamping tent with one (1) king bed.
* All meals, water and snacks.
* Each ticket (2 guests/1 tent) gets one (1) baby goat to adopt for the duration of the retreat.
* Professional photos of you and your baby with an online photo gallery.